Nintendo Another Game: Super Mario Run For (Android And IOS)

Super Mario Run has just come out and gets some criticism. What frighten shareholders of Nintendo.
After several months of waiting, Nintendo launched yesterday its first true mobile game, Super Mario Run. If the game displays an undeniable quality that we have welcomed at our first grip, criticism of the game also appear to many vives.

Super Mario Run Game Play And Online Todd:

An unappreciated economic model:

Indeed, on about 4600 people having noted the game at the time of writing these lines, few seem to appreciate the qualities of the title. Today, the App Store shows an average rating for the game about 2.5 stars out of 5, a very low rating compared with the usual games. In comparison, Miitomo is 3.5
It must be said that for many, the economic model of Super Mario Run is not justified. I must say that the mobile players had rarely used to pay as much for a game. Outside of Square Enix games (who regularly flirt with the bar 15 euros), most of the games do not exceed 5 or 6 euros. Also, pay 10 euros to get all of a game looks huge for some, without consideration for the intrinsic quality of the app. The pretext is yet hardly admissible on the part of people able to pay nearly 1000 euros for an iPhone… Another argument to load for Nintendo, Super Mario Run requires a permanent connection. Difficult to appreciate a game designed to adapt to the mobile when platforms can’t play
everywhere in mobility, and especially in public transport. And i know you all are searching for Super Mario Run Hack To Beat Your Friends in Game, If yes then don’t waste your time on hack’s and cheat’s.

Shareholders to parade:

These negative reviews are not without consequence for Nintendo who sees his action fall significantly on the stock market. While action is traded at 27 300 yen this morning at the opening of the stock market, it is more than 26 400 now. A fall of 4% which shows the reluctance of shareholders in the face of this game having not yet had the opportunity to make his weapons and which costs a whopping $ 2 billion to Nintendo. A reversal of bitter jacket on the part of those who pushed the Japanese company to throw on this lucrative market.
Nintendo is still far from the turmoil, and we can be certain that action will resume its flight from the publication of the first positive figures on the game, a bit like that had been the case with Pokémon Go despite the total lack of involvement of Nintendo in its development.

Super Mario Run: we tested the first mobile game of Nintendo:

After a first step on the mobile with Miitomo, Nintendo finally decides to start his first game at license on our smartphones and tablets. Available in a few days, Super Mario Run is, as its name suggests, a runner-game in the universe of the mustachioed plumber, but is actually worth the 10 euros requested for its full version.

A model economic premium:

Super Mario Run will be available for free to download. The player will then have access to the editor of Kingdom, Toad challenges and three levels of adventure, as well as 20 seconds in the fourth. A frustrating taste that will push the absolute fan of Nintendo licenses to go to the Fund. Once the tithe of 9.99 euros is paid, however there some bonuses and access to all of a game otherwise devoid of in-app purchases.

The game “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links”happened, on iPhone and iPad

Awaited the fall of 2016, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game has just arrived on the App Store today. Where, moreover, his absence from the exit list recent games published yesterday, to end up here. The game, developed by Konami, takes over the universe of the manga of the same name and the card game known for a digital adaptation while dynamism and centered logically on multiplayer.

Each player can embody one of the characters of Yu-Gi-Ho, each obviously having a special and unique ability. The premise of the game is to create his deck of cards and go against other players, similar to another reference of its kind, Hearthstone from Blizzard.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Gameplay:




Konami is proud to announce more than 700 trading cards to build its original decks with which he must find effective and surprising strategies. Spells and creators are to invoke to try to bend its opponent. The monsters on the trays 3D animations add one epic battles. I Also find a website which will helps you to generate Free Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Coins instantly.

free yu gi oh duel links coins

The fighters to challenge may be the computer as part of the single player mode, but the interest of the game is to compete with the real players around the world, on the internet.

free yu gi oh duel links coins

Also easy to get that rich and deep, the principle of Yu-Gi-Oh should appeal to a number of players fan of the genre. Released in Japan in November, the game is already a success of the local store.

Yu-Gi-Oh is free and now translated in English unfortunately. Card packs are of course available for purchase to recover more easily and quickly, the rarest and most powerful. iOS 8 or later is required to play

FIFA 17: The best tips and tricks for beginners

With the right tips and tricks for FIFA 17 you can take it with the very big teams. What you need to consider, read this posts.

FIFA 17: Tips on Ultimate Team Mode

The “Ultimate Team” mode is the most popular game mode in FIFA 17. Here you build your own team from collectible cards.
  • At the start, you should buy some gold packs to build a solid team with a team score of 80-85. You can buy Fifa Coins at some internet dealers. In Germany is the most trusted retailer MMOGA .
  • The next step is to create a team of good chemistry. Players must be of the same nationality, play in the same club or in the same league.
  • Buy players then specifically on the transfer market. Here, the probability is much higher to find a player who is not only good, but also fits perfectly into the team. Free FIFA 17 Coins
  • In the transfer market, you should look at unusual times. German players are auctioned at the best conditions at night, since there are few competitors. The Primetime from 20-22 o’clock should be avoided in the transfer market if possible.
  • Take advantage of the new Squad Building Challenges. For these, you must assemble new teams from your unused players who meet specific requirements. You will then receive unique rewards.
  • Another great player will be the FIFA17 single-player campaign.

Tips: Attack on FIFA 17

In the attack it is above all to shoot goals. How to make the most of your opportunities, read this praxistip.
  • When shooting, make sure that you aim with the analogue stick at the goal and fill the shot strength depending on the distance up to the 2nd or 3rd bar.
  • In a one-to-one situation against the goalkeeper, the opportunity often arises for a lupfer (L1 or LB). Try this only if the goalkeeper comes out of the goal and gives you enough room. If he is too close to the goal, he can still go back and catch the ball easily.
  • In the case of close shots, a shot shot with the right shoulder button (R1 or RB) is also available.
  • In addition to these shot types, you can also fooled a shot and play the last defender or goalkeeper.
  • To fake a shot, press the paste button immediately after the shot button.

Tips on defense in FIFA 17

Just as important as the attack is the defense. Even the best attack is useless, even if the opponent turns every attack into a goal.
  • As a game system, “Tactical Defending” is used in FIFA 17. In online games this system is mandatory.
  • As a defender, approach the ball player first with the passkey. As long as you keep the button pressed, run and sprint the opponent automatically afterwards.
  • With a square or X, then execute a ratchet and a circle with B or a tackle.
  • If you press RB, you can call a second fellow to help.
  • However, you should have a look at the overall situation and the other opponents in addition to the ball-bearing player.
  • Try to eliminate the tempo by preventing the opponent from passing and flanking.
  • With the left trigger, you can push players off the ball – this also works in the sprint.