Nintendo Another Game: Super Mario Run For (Android And IOS)

Super Mario Run has just come out and gets some criticism. What frighten shareholders of Nintendo.
After several months of waiting, Nintendo launched yesterday its first true mobile game, Super Mario Run. If the game displays an undeniable quality that we have welcomed at our first grip, criticism of the game also appear to many vives.

Super Mario Run Game Play And Online Todd:

An unappreciated economic model:

Indeed, on about 4600 people having noted the game at the time of writing these lines, few seem to appreciate the qualities of the title. Today, the App Store shows an average rating for the game about 2.5 stars out of 5, a very low rating compared with the usual games. In comparison, Miitomo is 3.5
It must be said that for many, the economic model of Super Mario Run is not justified. I must say that the mobile players had rarely used to pay as much for a game. Outside of Square Enix games (who regularly flirt with the bar 15 euros), most of the games do not exceed 5 or 6 euros. Also, pay 10 euros to get all of a game looks huge for some, without consideration for the intrinsic quality of the app. The pretext is yet hardly admissible on the part of people able to pay nearly 1000 euros for an iPhone… Another argument to load for Nintendo, Super Mario Run requires a permanent connection. Difficult to appreciate a game designed to adapt to the mobile when platforms can’t play
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Shareholders to parade:

These negative reviews are not without consequence for Nintendo who sees his action fall significantly on the stock market. While action is traded at 27 300 yen this morning at the opening of the stock market, it is more than 26 400 now. A fall of 4% which shows the reluctance of shareholders in the face of this game having not yet had the opportunity to make his weapons and which costs a whopping $ 2 billion to Nintendo. A reversal of bitter jacket on the part of those who pushed the Japanese company to throw on this lucrative market.
Nintendo is still far from the turmoil, and we can be certain that action will resume its flight from the publication of the first positive figures on the game, a bit like that had been the case with Pokémon Go despite the total lack of involvement of Nintendo in its development.

Super Mario Run: we tested the first mobile game of Nintendo:

After a first step on the mobile with Miitomo, Nintendo finally decides to start his first game at license on our smartphones and tablets. Available in a few days, Super Mario Run is, as its name suggests, a runner-game in the universe of the mustachioed plumber, but is actually worth the 10 euros requested for its full version.

A model economic premium:

Super Mario Run will be available for free to download. The player will then have access to the editor of Kingdom, Toad challenges and three levels of adventure, as well as 20 seconds in the fourth. A frustrating taste that will push the absolute fan of Nintendo licenses to go to the Fund. Once the tithe of 9.99 euros is paid, however there some bonuses and access to all of a game otherwise devoid of in-app purchases.